In a life of silence and loneliness. In the peace of a cloister.


The search for intimacy with God, faith and hope in Him, and a quality of love willing to accept the gifts of the Spirit, carry, as their own requirement, the vital necessity of silence of the whole being (not just a simple absence of noises or words). In that silence, the soul can temper and meet God. Silence is, therefore, an intrinsic and deep need of the spirit, because it is the ground where our life of prayer and sacrifice rests.


We love the solitude and we keenly seek it. God leads us into solitude to speak to our heart.

Life in closure

Life in closure does not take us away from our brothers and sisters. Our vocation-mission is in the heart of the Church. We live hidden with Christ in God (Col 3:3) and in Him we love everyone.


Outer silence.

Our life of prayer and sacrifice is based on silence.

It is the necessary condition to live our reason for existence: BEING PRAYER AND BEING OBLATION.

That is why we need silence, we love it and it is the environment in in which our lives develop.

Our community life goes by in silence. The communication is limited to what is strictly necessary, always in a charitable atmosphere.

Silence places the soul in solitude, alone before God, and guards the purity of devotion.

Through silence you can pay attention and listen to the motions of the Spirit, which instructs, strengthens and defends the soul.

Praying silence is always an accompanied silence. The spirit empties itself of everything and lives with the All: God.

It is the atmosphere of an intimacy. There cannot be an intimate prayer without silence.

It also vivifies faithfulness. Through silence, the soul seeks God and gives Him supremacy over all.

Prayer is union with God, communication with God, it is the GIFT of God, and it cannot happen without a receptive silence.


Inner silence

The inner silence leaves the soul in total emptiness so that only Christ is one´s life.

It means a total belonging to God. Through it, one seeks to love God above all things and lets oneself be loved by Him, receiving all the gifts of his Spirit.

It is a gift from God and receiving it means a search and a fight. Memories, imagination, desires… everything is unified and taken by Christ. It is achieved by renouncing goof attachments and by adhering to Him with one´s heart.

The poor dispersion of our nature, in imagination and thoughts, is considered a cross that further increases our desire for Him.

Through inner silence the intimate of one’s being is given to Him and the soul opens itself to intimacy with Christ.



I will lead her into solitude and speak persuasively to her (cf. Hos 2:16)

Alone, with God alone, in intimate communication with Him. Only in this way we can fulfil our mission in the Church: to be prayer and oblation.

Solitude so that all her vitality and communication is in God, so her only news is Christ.

Life in Closure

Life in Closure


Life in Closure is solitude and separation from the world, hidden with God, in order to love everyone from the inside Christ.

Closure is for living in Christ an universal love and a mysteriously fruitful apostolate.

Closure is like a fence that keeps life hidden in God, where love for brothers and sisters, for the whole Church, is put into action. And this is so because, by loving them “from the inside of Christ”, life is given for them in prayer and oblation.

“The Oblate has to break the walls of the convent and cross the seas and reach the last end of the earth, by the same love with which Christ is present, with his same redeeming love […] From the hideaway of her life hidden with Christ in God, empty of all personal wishes, giving her whole being in oblation “pro eis et pro Ecclesia”, she knows how to die to herself, she is the wrapping of the Heart of Christ, so that the “He loved them to the end” reaches the end of the earth. That lost missionary, unknown in his mission; that misunderstood priest; that other one in danger; the one full of plans but without possibilities; that other too tied by himself… all that world of priests…, man among men, segregated to be another Christ where He puts his same powers. What does the heart of Christ feel? He makes them “another Him” and they have to realise that only Christ is their life and demand. And they are not out of danger, because although they do not belong to the world (Jn 17:14), they are in it. They have to be in the world, even though they belong to God; they have to give themselves to all souls without losing their permanence in God. That world of dangers, of struggle, of difficulties, of temptation, of tension, of confused road, of little help…” (Mother Maria del Carmen)

Life in closure allows us to freely lead a life of peace and intimacy prayer, hidden with Christ in God.

The Oblate lives in Christ and in Him she loves everyone. It is with her life of prayer and sacrifice that she cooperates spiritually so that

“the building up of the earthly city may have its foundation in the Lord and may tend toward Him” (LG 46).