A day in the life of an Oblate

The life of the Oblate is totally devoted to God; therefore, all hours of the day and night are lived in attention to God, dedicated to his Will, in response to his love. It is a simple life in the style of Nazareth, in a climate of silence and joy. In the life of the Oblate, silence and joy go together.

Prayer: that is her life. A ceaseless prayer. The Oblate spends a great time next to the Tabernacle, praying with Christ and offering herself with Him. Mental prayer is a requirement for a personal encounter with the Bridegroom, to be alone with Him, to soak up his feelings, to intercede with Him for all the Church, for the priests.

At 9.00 the central moment of the day has come; central, because it will be the most important.

Holy Mass is the centre of the Oblate´s life. In it, the sacrifice of Christ is made present; we renew our offer “through Him, and with Him, and in Him”. At the moment of communion, it is really He who repeats through the Oblate: “for them and for the Church”. Docile to God’s will, she lets Jesus live in her all day.

The Holy Mass continues throughout the day through the prayer of the Liturgy of the Hours, which consecrates the different moments of the day. In the Divine Office it is Christ himself who prays through us and intercedes for all the Church.

Prayer times alternate with working hours, which is a change of position in prayer. Everything has the value of love offering, of oblation, of giving glory to God.

Each one has their functions: the sacristy, the kitchen, sewing, gardening, the reception, housework… and each one will gives the best of herself in each work, which she will do at the times dedicated to such work throughout the day.

It is time for lunch, and just like breakfast or dinner, the Oblate goes to the refectory. In community, we bless God for how he takes care of us; and while we take nourishing for the body, we listen to some readings to feed also our spirit. On Sundays, we listen to recordings of Gregorian chanting and on feast days, classical music.

At midday, we have a time of greater silence in which the Oblate has reading time and free time. It is an hour of greater intimacy with Christ.

In the early afternoon, we pray the Holy Rosary. Together in community, gathered around Mother, we entrust our mission in Church to her and all the intentions we have in our hearts.

Training also occupies an important place in the life of the Oblate, especially in the early stages of religious life: aspirant, postulancy, novitiate and juniorate. The Oblate receives instruction (the novice weekly and the professed fortnightly) on the charisma of the Congregation, using all the material collected directly from Our Founding Parents. We also have classes taught by different priests to help us assimilate subjects of theology, sacred writing, religious life, spirituality… We share this formation among all the Monasteries of the Congregation.

Apart from the recreation on Thursdays and Sundays, the Oblate shares with the entire Community the joy of the most important liturgical feasts. The anniversaries of the Congregation are also family days in which there is a time in common for recreation and relaxation

After dinner, the Oblate has a Gregorian chant rehearsal, where she savours the melodies to make them her own prayer. Holy Mass and major Liturgical Hours are sung in Gregorian plain chant on Sundays and feast days. We treasure this song as the one that helps us most in our contemplative life.

At the end of the day, the prayer of compline. The Oblate offers the finished day to God, in gratitude for everything received, in pain for His love unrequited. Singing the antiphon of Mother, she lays everything in Mary´s Immaculate Heart.

The hour of rest is also a Will of God, which is fulfilled with love. At midnight, she will rise for her prayer shift, for there is always an Oblate accomplishing her mission by offering herself with Christ before the tabernacle.

And while the Oblate sleeps, her dream will continue to be a prayer “pro eis” and for the Church, which ceaselessly rises to Heaven.